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Rules for filming

Applicants are reminded to study this guidance notes before applications.

Application Procedures:

  1. Filming is only allowed on Tuesdays from 9:00am to 8:00am of the next day, except the first Tuesday of each month, and special occasion(s) on other Tuesdays, including but not limited to annual maintenance, improvement works and other prior engaged activities.
  2. The completed application form should be sent to the Environmental Protection Department (“EPD”) at least 10 clear working days in advance of the proposed filming date. Any special requests should be provided together with the application form. An application may not be processed if the applicant/company fails to provide all the necessary information. All applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. If an application is approved, the applicant/company shall sign an agreement to undertake the relevant filming conditions and pay all the fees and deposit on or before due date stated in the demand note(s) issued by EPD.
  4. Admission to T · PARK shall be made between 9:00am and 4:00pm. Production crews shall arrive as scheduled and attend a briefing conducted by T · PARK staff before filming. The person-in-charge shall present all relevant documents, including true copies of the payment receipts of filming, cleaning and security fees, for registration before commencement of filming.
  5. Production crews should follow strictly the instruction(s) given by T · PARK staff during the filming.
  6. If the actual duration of filming exceeds the permitted period, the applicant/ company may need to pay additional filming/administration fee.
  7. Production crews should bring their own carpet or mat for equipment loading and unloading at bamboo floor area to avoid damage of the floor.
  8. Production crews shall not enter or film at locations apart from those approved by EPD.
  9. Filming in the following areas of T · PARK is NOT permitted:
    • Reception counter
    • T · HABITAT
    • T · HALL
    • T · SPA
    • T · CAFE (area inside cashier’s counter)
    • All changing rooms and toilets
    • All plant areas and restricted areas
  10. The following filming activities are NOT permitted:
    • Use of equipment over 5.5 tonnes, unmanned flying device or any equipment which potentially affect T · PARK’s operation, including but not limited to crane, drone, radio-controlled model aircraft and smoke/fog generator
    • Move/dismantle/relocate T · PARK’s facilities or furniture/equipment, exhibits, installations and displays of T · PARK, including but not limited to all fender wood, resin-made tables and stools in T · CAFE, fixtures and barricades (such as traffic cones, stanchions and tapes)
    • Equipment on lawn areas
    • Attachment on wall, furniture and fixture
  11. The applicant/company shall, at its own cost, procure sufficient insurance in the joint names of the applicant and the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for covering all persons (including staff of EPD and VW-VES (HK) Limited) involved in location filming and public liabilities.
  12. The nature of the filming shall not cause any embarrassment to the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, T · PARK or any of its visitors, invitees or staff, nor should it contain any immoral, illegal, defamatory or political materials.

General Conditions:

  1. Power generator(s) must be placed at outdoor areas ONLY.
  2. The applicant/company shall not, without the prior written approval of EPD, erect any fixture or fittings in the facility. In any event, the applicant/company is required to reinstate the facilities to its original conditions immediately afterwards.
  3. The applicant/company shall not, without prior written approval of EPD, use any of the film shots in any films other than that stated in the application.
  4. The applicant/company shall restrict the use of T · PARK for the purpose stated in the application form during the permitted period of use and take all necessary precautions to ensure that such location filming will not cause any danger or personal injury or damage to T · PARK or any other persons.
  5. The applicant/company shall strictly observe and follow all the relevant ordinances, rules and filming conditions.
  6. The name of T · PARK shall not be shown unless specific permission is granted by EPD.
  7. The applicant/company shall not allow, cause or permit any parties/persons or onlookers, other than the production crew members, to enter T · PARK. No obstruction and disturbance shall be caused to anyone, including other authorised persons using the facility and/or any public officer on duty in T · PARK.
  8. Unless the permission of EPD has been sought, no person shall bring any animal or other livestock into T · PARK (with the exception of guide dogs accompanying a visually impaired person).
  9. The applicant/company shall be liable and make full compensation for any damage caused to the facilities, equipment and/or exhibits in T · PARK.
  10. T · PARK reserves the right to impose additional conditions for filming which shall also be binding on the applicant/company.
  11. If an applicant/company fails to comply with the conditions listed in this document, T · PARK shall reserve the right not to consider further application(s) from the applicant/company.


  1. Production crews are reminded to reserve sufficient time for travelling to T · PARK and arrive timely for location filming.
  2. Parking or stopover on Nim Wan Road or its vicinity is NOT allowed due to heavy traffic on Nim Wan Road for sludge transportation.
  3. Registration is required for all vehicles entering T · PARK. Car license number(s) should be submitted to T · PARK at least 3 days in advance of filming.
  4. Up to 10 vehicles are allowed to enter T · PARK per day due to limited number of parking space. All vehicles are required to park in designated parking lots ONLY. Only the following types of vehicles are allowed to enter T · PARK:
    • Private cars or 8-seater cars
    • 5-seater light goods vehicle (including van-type light goods vehicle)
    • 5.5-tonne truck (maximum of 2 vehicles)
    • 28-seater coach (maximum of 2 vehicles) OR 50-seater coach (maximum of 1 vehicle)

Safety and Cleaning Issues:

  1. For security reason, CCTV surveillance is operated in T · PARK.
  2. Production crews are required to keep all areas clean and tidy.
  3. The following activities are strictly PROHIBITED in T · PARK:
    • Lighting of fire or the use of fireworks, explosives or any pyrotechnic materials
    • Chasing or rallying of vehicles (including motorcycles and bicycles)
    • Bathing, washing, splashing and swimming in fountains, changing rooms and/or washrooms
    • Stunt acts involving actors jumping from trees/any part of premises with wire hanging to trees/premises, and damaging, killing or felling of any tree or facilities
    • Sitting, stand climbing or leaning against fences, railings or glass skylights
    • Smoking, littering, chasing, shouting and eating in indoor area
  4. Production crews should take care of their personal properties.
  5. T · PARK shall not be liable for any accidents and/or personal injuries, whatsoever caused during the use of the facilities. All production crews shall be responsible for their own safety or risks.
  6. A person-in-charge should be appointed to monitor the filming and production crew when filming in T · PARK.
  7. T · PARK reserves the rights to deny admission of or to require any production crew member/entire production crew to leave T · PARK immediately for failure to comply with the conditions stated.
  8. Any cost of extra security, cleaning and/or other related services shall be borne by the applicant/company. The designated security guard(s) are required to be on duty 1 hour before commencement of location filming.

Arrangements under Inclement Weather Conditions:

  1. When Tropical Cyclone Warning Signals No.8 or above or Black Rainstorm Warning is issued, T · PARK will be temporarily closed and all the affected location filming will be cancelled without prior notice. T · PARK will be re-opened 3 hours after the signal / warning is lowered, but will remain closed for the whole day if the signal remains hoisted at 12:00 noon.
  2. When Pre-No.8 Special Announcement is issued during location filming in T · PARK, production crews shall be arranged to leave T · PARK as soon as possible.
  3. Under inclement weather conditions (such as Tropical Cyclone Warning Signals, Thunderstorm Warnings and Rainstorm Warnings), all production crews may be requested to stop filming at the outdoor areas and to remain indoors until it is safe to leave.
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