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Public can enjoy for free all the facilities (including guided tours, spa, shuttle bus and parking services) except food serving in the T · CAFE.

T · PARK is a sludge treatment facility. In order to maintain a crowd control and for safety and security reasons, individual and organisation booking need to be made at least 3 days and 30 days prior to the date of visit respectively.

An organisation (including schools and higher education institutions) can book for a group from 15 to 50 persons, including accompanying staff and caretakers. Each organisation shall be able to visit not more than 2 times in 30 days (no restriction to schools and higher education institutions). If the number of visitors exceeds 50, applicants need to submit two or more applications separately. If there is more than one application, visitors will be arranged to make a visit on different days or at different time slots on the same day.

Due to public’s overwhelming response, organisation booking is very full. Applicants are advised to book a visit for a new date at 7am (i.e. after a daily update of the booking system) and all bookings are managed on a first-come, first-served basis. A new date of booking which is submitted earlier than 7am will not be accepted.

In light of the need for early planning for school curriculums, booking for schools and higher education institutions is available from 31 to 365 days prior to the date of visit. Applicants are required to provide valid "Certificate of registration of a school" issued by the Education Bureau or letter issued using official institution letterhead with stamp for proof along with the form submission. There is no restriction to the number of applications from schools and s education institutions.

Booking is required for visitors aged 3 or above.

Cancellation of individual booking should be made at least 3 days prior to the date of visit via the online booking system or by email [email protected]. Cancellation of organisation booking should be made at least 7 days prior to the date of visit by email [email protected]. Late cancellation will be regarded as no-show.

Should you require to amend contact person’s details or vehicle’s license plate number, please call +852 2910 9700 or email at [email protected] to update the details. Amendment is generally not allowed unless there is a need in reduction of number of visitors / facilities reservation. New booking application is required for extra visitors, additional facilities reservation or change of activity.

For all successful applicants, they are required to present the booking reference number / mobile number at the T · PARK Reception for registration upon arrival. Visitors who take shuttle bus shall present the booking reference number / mobile number at the pick-up point for registration. For visitors who have reserved a parking space and applicants of organisation booking who have arranged group transportation should provide vehicle’s license plate number prior to the date of visit. If such number cannot be provided in advance for some reasons, visitors are required to present the booking reference number / mobile number at the T · PARK’s entrance gate for registration.


The pick-up point is located at the Public Transport Interchange (near cross-border coach station) at G/F, Tuen Mun V city Mall. There is also a roll-up stand printed with T · PARK’s logo in place. If you take MTR, you can go to the pick-up point from Exit D of the West Rail Tuen Mun Station. Please refer to the map for details.

Visitors can go to the G/F T · PARK Reception to check for waiting list of shuttle bus.

Currently, there are no buses or mini-buses to reach T · PARK and visitors may consider taking taxi. Subject to traffic condition, the journey is about 30 minutes from Tuen Mun Town Centre to T · PARK.

Organisation shall arrange their own transportation. Coaches are allowed for drop-off and pick-up only. Coach parking is not available.

Generally yes. If the size of the stroller is relatively large, visitors are recommended to contact customer service hotline at +852 2910 9700 for inquiry.

Only vehicles with seats up to 8 seats (e.g. private cars, vans, motorcycles) are allowed to park in the facility. Each applicant can register three consecutive parking time slots at maximum for free. Such parking service is not applicable for organisation booking.

For safety reason, visitors are not allowed to access T · PARK on foot or by bicycle.

Indoor spa pools / outdoor footbath

There is no age limit for enjoying spa. Children below 120cm in height must be accompanied and supervised by adult. Each adult shall accompany no more than 2 children each time. Besides, children aged 8 or above or over 1.35m of height shall not enter Changing Room of the opposite sex.

Registrant(s) for T · SPA shall collect ticket(s) at the Reception for admission. T · SPA will not accept entry 15 minutes before each session ends. Users shall wear proper swimming attire. White colour or non-decolorised clean T-shirt can be added on top. Infants are required to wear proper swimming diaper in the pool at all times. Shower facilities and hair dryers are available inside changing rooms and users shall bring their own towels and personal toiletries. Users requiring to use lockers are reminded to bring along five-dollar coins. Please note that the water depth of 3 spa pools indicating warm, ambient and cool temperatures is only 0.9m, users can only soak in the pool. Swimming and floating gears e.g. swimming goggles, swim rings, floating boards, floating beds etc. are not allowed.

The outdoor footbath is located at the garden, visitors do not need to make an additional booking to use this facility. Before use, please clean the feet at the shower location next to the footbath.


There is a cafe on 1/F (called T · CAFE) that provides light food, such as sandwiches, salad, spaghetti, dessert etc. Visitors can also bring their own food and eat in the outdoor areas.

Pets are not allowed (except guide dogs accompanying a blind person).

Yes, they are located on G/F and 1/F of the Environmental Education Centre.

Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.8 or above is hoisted before the opening hours, T · PARK opening will be delayed for 3 hours after the signal is lowered. If the signal remains hoisted at 12:00 noon, T · PARK will be closed for whole day. If the signal is expected to be hoisted within a few hours during the opening hours, visitors will be notified of the pending closure of T · PARK and arranged to leave as soon as possible. For visits that are disrupted by inclement weather, the respective visitors or organisation will not be informed separately.

Photographs and videos can be taken for personal use only. Aerial shooting, commercial pictures and any other photography with wedding suits or dresses, graduation gowns or special costumes are strictly prohibited except with prior permission granted.

To apply for commercial photography, please refer to the guidance notes and application procedures for details.

To apply for non-commercial photography (such as wedding photo, graduation photo etc.), please submit your application by email ([email protected]) to T · PARK. Please note that the above-mentioned application is only applicable on Tuesdays (T · PARK closing date).

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