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Egg Tempera Painting Class

Egg Tempera Painting Class

Embrace the Nature through Egg Tempera Painting There’s no better way to start the new year than capturing the picturesque landscape of spring. Enjoy egg tempera painting on the lawn of T · PARK and explore how to mix earth pigments with egg yolk to create colourful yet natural pigments. Once the eco-friendly pigments are ready, it’s your turn to exercise outdoor sketching skills to depict the blossoming beauty of spring! Enroll now and paint your favourite scene.


16.2.2019 (Sat)


Workshop (40pax)
1:15pm – 4:15pm




Mainly Cantonese




  • The registration deadline is 30 January 2019 noon.
  • All participants shall be aged 10 or above. Participants aged 15 or below shall attend the workshop under parental guidance.
  • Participants should bring along their apron, towel, 350ml container, water colour palette and their own bag to carry the drawing canvas (canvas size: 30cm x 40cm).
  • The workshop approximately takes 3 hours, including introduction.
  • Successful applicants will receive a confirmation call within 3 working days after the deadline of application and also receive a confirmation email together with a booking code, 3 days before workshop day.
  • If the number of quota is exceeded, quota and waiting list sequence will be allocated by balloting.
  • Unsuccessful applicants will receive a waiting list email within 5 working days after the deadline of application.
  • Please provide sufficient and correct information required for all participants. Application will not be processed if there is incomplete information.
  • For those registrants who are unable to attend the workshop after registration, please email to [email protected] or call 2803 0991 (Workshop Hotline, Miss Yuen) for cancellation.
  • Walk-in registration commences at 12:50pm on the event day at reception counter on G/F, Environmental Education Centre. Quota(s) will be released to T PARK registered visitors 15 minutes after the start of the workshop on a first-come, first-served basis while seats last.
  • Participants are encouraged to take reserved shuttle bus to T.PARK. For visitors who need parking space, please make separate reservation at our online booking system.
  • There will be filming and photo shooting during the workshop. The footage and photos might be used for environmental education and publicity of The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Environmental Protection Department and T · PARK.

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