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T · PARK Visit Arrangement

In view of the situation of COVID-19, visitors should beware of the following main points:

  1. Visitors who are under home quarantine and medical surveillance are prohibited from entering T · PARK.
  2. Visitors must wear their own face masks. Any visitor without a face mask is prohibited from getting onto our shuttle bus and entering Environmental Education Centre (EEC). Face mask will not be provided to visitors.
  3. Visitor is subject to temperature checks at the shuttle bus station at V city or at the entrance before entering Environmental Education Centre prior to admission. Visitors who take our shuttle bus, shall arrive 10 to 15 minutes early for body temperature checking and hands sanitizing. If visitors arrange self-transportation, they shall line up and wait outside the glass door of EEC for body temperature checking and hands sanitizing. Any visitor with fever (body temperature reached or over 38 degrees Celsius) is prohibited from entering EEC and requested to wait outside EEC or arrange his/her own transportation to leave T · PARK .
  4. Starting from 1 November 2021, Each visitor of T.PARK will be required to scan the venue QR code with the LeaveHomeSafe mobile app before their entrance to the Environmental Education Centre of T.PARK to facilitate contact tracing. Visitors aged below 12 or aged 65 or above, and visitors with disabilities that render use of the app difficult, will be exempted from the requirement of using the app when they enter the premises.

Rules for T · Spa Users(Service Suspended)

  1. T.SPA users are advised to wear their own masks before and after using the spa pools.
  2. Any spa user with fever (body temperature reached or over 38 degrees Celsius) is prohibited from using and entering the spa area.
  3. To protect others regarding hygiene and safety issues, visitors with signs and symptoms of communicable diseases, such as respiratory illness, diarrhea, red-eye syndrome, hand-foot-and-mouth disease or skin lesions, should not use T · SPA. Persons who are unwell, pregnant, with heart disease, high or low blood pressure, have consumed alcohol, overfed or starving, etc., are not recommended to use T · SPA.
  4. Users shall wear proper swimming attire. White colour or non-decolourised clean T-shirt can be added on top. Infants are required to wear proper swimming diaper in the pool at all times.
  5. Users should take a thorough shower in the changing room before entering T · SPA.
  6. Users should not wear shoes/slippers that have been worn outside T · SPA without washing. If necessary, please bring along a pair of clean slippers for use in the pool deck.
  7. To keep appropriate distance, only alternate lockers and shower cubicles will be available.
  8. Users who will use lockers are reminded to bring along five-dollar coins which are retrievable after use. Coins exchange is suspended in this stage.
  9. For the other reminders, please refer to the notice board at our centre and Terms & Conditions, Safety Policy.

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